TEMU 2008 Telecommunications Multimedia Conference Crete/GR 16-18/7/08 Presentation & Stand CTRC
FIREworks Future Internet Research and Experimentation Launch Event Paris/FR 10/9/08 Participation UoP
Adamantium Information Day of FP7 Project Adamantium Athens/GR 19/9/08 Presentation CTRC
Manweek 2008 4th International Week on Management of Networks and Services Samos/GR 21/9/08 Presentation & Stand CTRC, UoP
ETSI TISPAN Presentation of VITAL++ concept at P2P IPTV TISPAN Nice/FR 2/10/08 Standardisation TID
ETSI TISPAN Contribution to working document and presentation of VITAL++ concept at P2P IPTV TISPAN Nice/FR 4/11/08 Standardisation TID
EU-Korea Cooperation 2nd EU-Korea Cooperation Forum on ICT research Brussels/BE 1-2/12/08 Presentation UoP
FIA 2nd Future Internet Assembly Madrid/ES 9-10/12/08 Presentation UoP
FIREworks FIREworks meeting Brussels/BE 7/1/09 Presentation UoP
TridentCom 2009 Presentation of a P2P tutorial Washington/US 6/4/09 Presentation Fraunhofer
FIREworks FIREworks Wise Men meeting Brussels/BE 27/4/09 Presentation UoP
Mobileware 2009 Presentation of client adaptation paper Berlin/DE 28/4/09 Presentation Fraunhofer
FIA 3rd Future Internet Assembly Prague/CZ 10/5/09 Presentation UoP
IEEE IEEE Communications Magazine - 04/09 Journal Paper UoP,WIT,BCT,FOKUS
ICUMT 2009 International Conference on Ultra Modern Telecommunications St. Petersburg /RU 14/10/2009 Conference Paper UoP
River Publishers Book Chapter in River Publishers Book - 04/2009 Book Chapter UoP, FOKUS, WIT, BCT, TID, CTRC, RBB
FIRE Expert Group Contribution to FIRE Expert Group Meeting Brussels/BE 06/2009 Presentations/ Contributions UoP
TEMU 2010 International Conference on Telecommunications and Multimedia Chania/Crete/GR 15/07/2010 Paper CTRC
IEEE GLOBECOM 2010 IEEE Global Communications Conference Miami/US 07/12/2010 Paper CTRC
Telecom I+D Event TID has submitted an article for the Telecom I+D Valladolid/ES 09/2010 Paper TID
SIP & IMS for NGN Dissemination of Vital++ at Marcus Evans conference Berlin 24/09/2009 Presentation WIT
AFI Dissemination of Vital++ autonomic scenarios to the ETSI AFI Waterford & ETSI 04/2010 Presentation WIT
TID-Internal dissemination Project Information in TID main hall of Madrid Headquaters Madrid/ES 12/2009 Presentation TID
IEEE CCNC 2010 Annual IEEE Consumer Communications & Networking Conference Las Vegas/US 9-12/1/2010 Paper WID