Effectsplus 1st kick off Trust and Security Clustering Meeting

Effectsplus will have its kick-off clustering event March 29th and 30th 2011, Diamant conference and business centre, Brussels.

The initial clusters being created are as follows:  

Technical Clusters

  • Services and Clouds Cluster
  • Systems and Networks Cluster

Non-Technical Cluster

  • Networking and Coordination Cluster


Registration for the event and initial Agenda can be seen on at the following link : undefinedhttp://www.effectsplus.eu/effectsplus-1st-technical-cluster-meeting-march-29th-30th-2011/

Deadline for Registration March 22nd 2011.

Benefit for Trust and Security project attendees to the Clustering Meeting.

  • Project representatives will have actively contributed towards shaping the objectives, tasks and outputs from the clusters from the very start. Participation will ensure that their project maximizes the possible tangible outputs that can be obtained via their involvement.
  • Projects will have actively contributed towards the FIA research roadmap and its contribution towards FP8.
  • Collaboration with other T&S projects, to identify and to avail of joint workshop opportunities.
  • Tangible outputs such as high quality collaborative papers: initial planning on possible paper collaborations to submit to suitable conferences, creation of links, next steps and plans for completion.
  • Increased dissemination of their project activities.
  • Identification of issues, better networking, which in turn could lead to future proposal opportunities within this space.