Future Internet Workshop on Research Roadmap for EU Framework 8

The EU Coordination Action Effectsplus and the Future Internet Assembly (FIA) are developing a roadmap for research into all aspects of the Future Internet. As part of this effort they are organising an Open Day / workshop on 31st March 2011. The workshop will also include the  opportunity to review contributions received to date as well as to hear new contributions to be presented at the workshop.

Date: Thursday 31st March, 10.00 AM to 4.00pm
Location: European Commission, Beaulieu 25,  room 0/S1 , Brussels

Register for this event via the following link: fiaresearchroadmapping.eventbrite.com
Directions: see link ec.europa.eu/dgs/information_society/practical/find_us/index_en.htm

(Note : please ensure you bring identification with you to access the event location)

Researchers working in the field of Future Internet are invited to contribute short position papers, to be presented at the workshop, with the intention that they will shape the content and impact of the roadmap.

The roadmap will be written at a sufficiently high level so as to shape the themes of Framework Programme 8, without favouring particular methods or tools. The roadmap targets research that will be carried out over the duration of Framework 8, 2014 to 2020 and beyond. The contributions we solicit will present a good future vision, recognition of major changes in the use and application of technology, recognition of significant obstacles and challenges, and potential solutions.

The contributions are expected to not exceed three (3) A4 pages, and will address, in order, the following four issues/questions [These are standard headings which must be used]:

What changes will occur? Describe the broader social and other changes that research into the future internet will need to take into account here. Indicate the timescale of these changes

Which positive outcomes can be brought about by the use of technology? Discuss how you imagine the world will be as a result of the changes and advances that will have occurred; what impact will we be able to have? When will we have that impact?

Discuss the difficult problems (broader, technical, …) that have to be addressed satisfactorily in order to handle the changes and realise the vision.

What’s the answer? Which new approaches/technologies/… will likely be most useful in addressing the gaps and challenges? What research needs will emerge as we try to build such solutions? What are the steps to developing the solutions?

These contributions will be synthesised and published as part of the research roadmap. Contributors will present their ideas and discuss them at the Open Day in Brussels. 

Written contributions to the roadmap should be send your written contributions by 20th March 2011 in Microsoft Word .doc format to Nick Papanikolaou (HP Labs) – nick.papanikolaou@hp.com.

Contributions should include the contributors name, institution and email address, and include four sections under the following headings

Title of Contribution & Research Area

1.       Changes
2.       Vision
3.       Challenges
4.       Solutions

for more information please see undefinedhttp://fisa.futur