CELTIC News, 1 April 2011

Celtic Proposer's Day and Event; Presentations are now available

The Celtic-Plus Event and Proposer's Day this year was very successful with nearly 200 participants. Especially interesting for proposal submissions to Call 1/2011 (spring call) should be the numerous proposal presentations. These presentation cover in particular the areas:

  • Get Connected (network related issues)
  • Digital Cities and Digital Home

The presentation can be accessed at: www.celticplus.eu/Events/Event2011/programme-1.asp

Reminder: Call for proposals (spring-call) is on 9 May 2011!

The new fast call process, allowing two full proposal calls per year is expected to speed up the overall proposal process by 6 to 9 months. It is expected that accepted and labelled projects may already start in 2011!

Possible research items are provided in the Celtic-Plus Purple Book 2011 (http://www.celticplus.eu/PurpleBook+/Purplebook.asp).

Call details are available at: http://www.celticplus.eu/Project-calls/Call-2011/call-2011-information.asp

Celtic Excellence Awards goes to the following successful projects:

At the Celtic Event the three most successful projects of last year received the Celtic Excellence Award:

  • 100GET Gold Award
  • WINNER+ Gold Award
  • RUBENS Bronze Award