Use case

Soft Mix Scenario

The SoftMix service, developed by rbb in the course of VITAL++, aims to enable users to experience a truly personalised radio which serves exactly the kind of content that they like. This service is meant to be a prototype of a radio of tomorrow, combining the traditional experience of the radio with the possibilities of the Internet: while traditional radio runs in the background and does not require any kind of interaction with the “output device” (i.e. the radio), the Internet offers a variety of opportunities to interact with the content through the service, including browsing, skipping, downloading, etc. SoftMix aims to enable the user to listen to the radio and personalise this experience according to his/her preferences. The SoftMix service is intended for use on different IP-based devices, stationary or mobile.
SoftMix will make use of P2P live streaming as well as file sharing capabilities of the VITAL++ architectures and use IMS-based services like Conditional Access Management and a safe area for trusted third party content providers to offer their content for use in RBB’s personalised radio service. Through the combination of P2P and IMS functionalities, SoftMix will enable users to participate in creating the radio programme, not only for themselves but also for others (“Broadcast Mode”), yet allowing public service provider RBB maximum control of the content published under their label.